Datamoshing - A test video
For those of you who don't know, datamoshing is a technique where you can take advantage of how video encoding works to create a visually rich (but often unpredictable) effect.

I became interested in this technique after I saw this excellent Chairlift music video.

I then followed the insightful How To Data Mosh videos made by the person who behind the above music video. 

Not wanting to simply copy the technique I spent some time exploring the process and I have created a method that uses a combination of expressions and layer markers in After Effects to generate a text list that acts as the 'edit' information in the avidemux project file. The result of all this is that I am able to create a datamosh effect that is tightly linked to the music. I plan to explore this technique further.

(Apologies to Cursor Miner for (mis)use of the green screen footage. It's the quickest thing I had at hand)

// End Of Datamoshing - Test Video

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